Do you feel like you’re stuck and can’t seem to move forward in your life?

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly getting in your own way?

Are you afraid you will continue to repeat the same patterns and live without rising to the next higher level in your life…

... the one you know you’ve always been destined for?


Are you ready to finally move forward with excitement into joy and freedom? To truly step into yourself?

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re unable to move forward with the pace and momentum you know is possible, Accelerated Empowerment will set you free.

Have you hit a block in your business? The problem might not be strategy, it might be your subconscious blindspot. 


This free training will show how to determine if that wall you’ve hit is based in strategy or your subconscious (and what to do about it).




The premiere personalized transformational experience for entrepreneurs ready to dissolve subconscious blindspots, rise above self-limiting behaviors, and blow the roof off current ceilings in their life and business!

Welcome monumental shifts at a rapid pace, while developing a deeper understanding of who you are and what makes you tick without a significant time commitment or the pain of reliving old traumas over-and-over! 

Because the truth is, growth doesn’t have to be:





That’s just what you ‘think’.


Embody your bold and limitless self:

❊ Develop a whole new relationship with yourself, seeing how you show up differently in your relationships, in your money mindset, in your performance, in your health and self-care, and take confident, bold steps forward.

❊ Dissolve all your subconscious blindspots causing self-sabotage and preventing movement in your desired direction.

❊ Take unclouded, better decisions.

❊ Access a sense of freedom and calm in your thoughts and actions you never realized was possible.

❊ Understand your subconscious, how it works, and how to make it work for you.

❊ Develop deeper self-listening skills to understand your own subconscious patterns so that you make stronger, bolder decisions.


All while being guided, supported and nourished every step along the way.

Step into accelerated freedom, witnessing dramatic transformation in your life!


 a significant time commitment

❊ the pain of reliving old traumas over-and-over

 feeling like you’re always “falling off the wagon” when you try to implement new habits and routines

 exhausting yourself mentally and physically as you attempt to move forward in your life


… a part of you knows there has to be an easier way!


You will be guided through your subconscious, bringing you back to who you truly are free from limitations. You can achieve all this in a short span of time by working with the subconscious

In this program we will:

  1. Identify and clear all your limitations blocking you from your goals

  2. Refresh with new, supportive patterns allowing an instant paradigm shift

  3. Develop a deeper understanding of your subconscious, how it works, and how to make it work for you

  4. Establish self-listening practices to identify and move past your subconscious blind spots

Hi, I'm Selina.

I am an intuitive subconscious mind/body expert living in Bali. I help entrepreneurs and visionaries play B-I-G!

I specialize in guiding leaders to break through to the next stage in their life and business by removing obstacles and the ways they subconsciously block themselves (and you’ll be surprised what they are!).


Drawing upon a multidisciplinary background with expertise in epigenetics, neuroscience, physiology, early-childhood development, and quantum physics, I guide you instantly back to your true nature, free from limitations.


Working together, you make an instantaneous change releasing the self-limiting patterns keeping you from your greatest potential. Your unhealthy physical and mental patterns are shifted instantly and permanently.


All that you create in your life and business is simply a reflection of your internal world. When you clear up the internal, the external flourishes!

I’ve helped:

❊ Established CEOs quadruple their revenue after just 3 sessions together,

❊ Multiple six-figure coaches make $100k months,

❊ Entrepreneurs easily navigate career and directional shifts without burnout,

❊ New business owners fully book out their practices within weeks of working together,

❊ Aspiring intuitives develop their innate powers, and

❊ People fully heal from :

❊ Thyroid disease

❊ STIs


❊ Chronic skin disorders

Gut dysbiosis

❊ Physical traumas


Chronic respiratory problems

Hormonal imbalances

Allergies, and

❊ Sexual trauma and reproductive disorders releasing energetic accumulation and resetting belief patterns about themselves so that the disease doesn’t return.

selina smith.jpg

For years I tried all the healing modalities (from yoga and breathwork to hypnotherapy and somatic experiencing) and was constantly optimizing my life only to see incremental improvements. But the change was slow and I still had an overall sense of frustration with the inability to achieve what I knew was possible. I know what it’s like to be struggling to get there.


Does this sound like you?  


If so, I know exactly how to help, because I was able to take myself from slogging through years of “two steps forward, one step back” to rapid transformation into my dream life in a matter of months by eliminating unseen self-limiting subconscious patterns.


In working together, we will remove the root cause of your self-limiting programs, release the uncomfortable resistance to change and allow life to flow more easily. You will naturally attract what you desire.


I help you to rapidly identify how you’re limiting yourself, finding the root of what’s been plaguing you for years (even decades). 


Do you know why what you’re doing isn’t working?   


What is the subconscious?

The accumulation of memories, ancestral programs, societal beliefs, and other imprints. 

And guess what?


You most likely are entirely unaware of these blind spots, and that can limit you in your ability to:

 generate and maintain abundance

 physically heal from disease

 take clear, concise actions forward

 believe what you can and can’t do

 act from a place of confidence and empowerment

 move forward with the life choices you desire

❊ exit and resolve negative patterns

 create and maintain healthy relationships

“I knew that things weren’t working as optimally as they could; I was trying to get clients for six months.  It was about getting the blocks out of the way from starting my new project and here 2 weeks later I have 8 paying students.” – Martin M.

“She took me through some serious change management in my life, she built my self-confidence, she helped me to find my own internal dialogue to be able to direct myself to a great future.” – Andrea T.

I’m living in a way now that I was for years trying to figure out.  Now I no longer even think about it. The word I can describe this new feeling with is 'space'.  I have found a new sense of space in my life.  – Andrew F.