Who am I?

I am an intuitive subconscious mind/body expert living in Bali. I help entrepreneurs and visionaries play B-I-G!

I specialize in guiding leaders to break through to the next stage in their life and business by removing obstacles and the ways they subconsciously block themselves (and you’ll be surprised what they are!).


Drawing upon a multidisciplinary background with expertise in epigenetics, neuroscience, physiology, early-childhood development, and quantum physics, I guide you instantly back to your true nature, free from limitations.


Working together, you make an instantaneous change releasing the self-limiting patterns keeping you from your greatest potential. Your unhealthy physical and mental patterns are shifted instantly and permanently.


All that you create in your life and business is simply a reflection of your internal world. When you clear up the internal, the external flourishes!

I’ve helped:

❊ Established CEOs quadruple their revenue after just 3 sessions together,

❊ Multiple six-figure coaches make $100k months,

❊ Entrepreneurs easily navigate career and directional shifts without burnout,

❊ New business owners fully book out their practices within weeks of working together,

❊ Aspiring intuitives develop their innate powers, and

❊ People fully heal from :

❊ Thyroid disease

❊ STIs


❊ Chronic skin disorders

Gut dysbiosis

❊ Physical traumas


Chronic respiratory problems

Hormonal imbalances

Allergies, and

❊ Sexual trauma and reproductive disorders

...by releasing energetic accumulation and resetting belief patterns about themselves so that the disease doesn’t return.

For years I tried all the healing modalities (from yoga and breathwork to hypnotherapy and somatic experiencing) and was constantly optimizing my life only to see incremental improvements. But the change was slow and I still had an overall sense of frustration with the inability to achieve what I knew was possible. I know what it’s like to be struggling to get there.


A bit more about me…

Passionate about creating more freedom and expansion in the world, I left a ten-year career managing large-scale, international development projects valued over $150M, to focus on empowering individuals.  This is where the most impactful change comes from – inside out.


Drawing upon a multidisciplinary background, I work with you to personally identify, dissolve, and resolve the subconscious complexities keeping you from achieving your higher potential. 


Over the last 8 years, I’ve developed expertise in epigenetics, neuroscience, the microbiome, neurology, psychology, physiology, longevity, endurance, respiration, early-childhood development, nutrition, and quantum physics, to deeply understand the mind/body link and overcome my own diagnoses of endometriosis and extreme dysbiosis.


I released subconscious limitations that prevented me from feeling safe to express myself confidently. Together we will dissolve and resolve the root causes of your self-limiting programs. 


I’ve studied spiritual philosophies from around the world including a bottomless exploration into yoga and ancient Indian texts and practices, the science of energetics and vibration, Central and South American tribalism, astronomy, and Balinese Hindu philosophy, incorporating them into an ever-expanding understanding of life and our place in the cosmos. 


Using these and my multi-cultural background managing international development projects, I understand, appreciate, and recognize the uniqueness of every individual as we find the self-limiting programs and blindspots you hold. 


This is not a one-size-fits-all approach! That shows a lack of understanding of the inner-workings of the subconscious – and dishonors the uniqueness of each individual as a collection of experience, genetics, culture, and spirituality.


Taking a heart-centered approach to healing, I draw on my years of study combined with a real-world understanding of the complexities of business, human behavior, health, and relationships to enable conscious people to live a life with more embodied confidence and ease.


Over the past 15 years, I’ve traveled to 30+ countries as a development professional and personal growth junkie. Embodying my passion for learning and embracing new cultures, I live overseas full-time and am currently based in Bali.


I love connecting people more deeply with their authenticity.  It is a gift to witness that “Ah-ha” moment, when we shine light into blind spots, bringing instant realization around self-limiting patterns and draw in a new sense of joy and freedom to embrace a life free from these limitations!

You can achieve quantum leaps when you change the energetics of your subconscious

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What is a subconscious mind/body guide?

You may be wondering the same things my long-time friend was when she reached out filled with curiosity about what I do, how the people I work with change their lives, and how I got here.


Watch to find out:

Why do I need to work with my subconscious?

What is this work, exactly?

As a spiritual entrepreneur, what do I get from this work? What’s the result?

Is it really possible to move beyond your subconscious blindspots?