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Free Your Mind

The premiere personalized transformational experience for entrepreneurs ready to dissolve subconscious blindspots, rise above self-limiting behaviors, and blow the roof off current ceilings in their life and business!

Welcome monumental shifts at rapid pace, while developing a deeper understanding of who you are and what makes you tick without a significant time commitment or the pain of reliving old traumas over-and-over! 

Because the truth is growth doesn’t have to be:





That’s just what you ‘think’.

Unless you dissolve your subconscious blind spots, you can only become the best version of your LIMITED self.

You’ve hit a business plateau. You’re tired of feeling like you’re unable to move forward with the pace and momentum you know is possible and you’re tired of beating yourself up, or, well, just plain tired…


You’ve got a meditation or breathwork practice in place and a calmer mind.  You're reading all the business, performance, and spiritual development books, listening to podcasts from the experts telling you,


“This is easy – just keep positive – you can manifest your dreams!”


Yet somehow, you’ve been stagnant in your business, with minimal movement forward and A LOT of effort to change your ways. You make false starts and are left wondering, “I’m doing it all, where are my results?”.

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You’re doing what the experts are teaching, but only see incremental growth, two steps forward, one step back.

You know you’re capable of so much more in your business, filled with brilliant ideas, yet somehow unable to execute OR you execute so frequently, you feel you can never slow down or get a break.


You know you’re capable of more flow and ease, yet are left feeling guilty and defeated, action inconsistent with what you know is possible.

Like you’re falling short of your potential and letting yourself down.

You’re left feeling burned out and chained to your business and strategy.


You’re starting to think “maybe I’m the one getting in my way” and realize you could use personalized support, but every ad that shows up in your feed is just another coach telling you the mindset tips and tricks you already know.


You know better and somehow can’t seem to rise past this plateau, falling back into the same old self-limiting patterns.


You catch your defeated thinking, and yet somehow can’t pull yourself out of it for long before returning. 

Things feel hard and you falter knowing where to even start, completely overwhelmed with the influx of self-help practices, tips, and tricks, when really what you need is a support that understands and responds to the uniqueness of you - the collective of your heart, mind, desires, biology, higher-self, life experiences, and ancestry.


You’re a complex, brilliant person, with multi-faceted desires and experience who deserves to be seen, valued, and acknowledged, not a series of individual “problems” to chip away.


…Part of you knows there must be an easier way, but where to start?

You’re a successful entrepreneur and you know you’re made for so much more.


You’ve been trying to rise to that next level in your life and business and yet somehow you keep coming up against barriers to your own success.


Maybe a never-ending to-do list, exhaustion, and burnout, or challenging clients sucking your energy.

Maybe an unclear direction for your next pivot, self-doubt creeping in to implement it, or a racing mind that never slows.


You’ve done all the masterminds, the development coach, the funnels, maybe even had a visit to the local energy healer searching for what’s keeping you from rising to that next level.

You’re seeking...

Unshakable trust in self that you’re no longer self-sabotaging

Certainty in your growth and direction

Understanding that the goal you’re seeking is inevitable

And you know you’re ready for it now…

Then I invite you to apply to...

A personalized transformational experience for entrepreneurs who are ready to dissolve subconscious blindspots, rise above self-limiting behaviors, and blow the roof off your current ceilings! 

This is the personalized transformational approach, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual you’ve been looking for.


If you’re a self-aware, purpose-driven entrepreneur with an established business who has been struggling to  bring your business to the next level...


I’d love to help you more deeply understand yourself, dissolve your subconscious blindspots, rise above your self-limiting behaviors, to blow the roof off your current ceilings!

This is an extraordinary space, a place where you see your intention already revealing results the moment you step into the container.


A space that recognizes and celebrates your uniqueness and provides a customized solution taking in the whole of you.

You work with an expert mind architect (me!) who intimately knows you and your dreams, holding safe space for you as you’re guided to dissolve the self-defeating subconscious blindspots.


You will see, feel, and experience new ways of living and working in the world as we dive below the usual surface-level “solutions to your problem” that target physical with physical.


What you really need is to shift your subconscious energetics from the ground up - and you can do this instantaneously!

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Instead of trying to “solve” your problem, you dissolve it – delivering real transformation into your everyday life, resetting your brain and rewiring your nervous system. 


It’s a transformational container of support by an expert mind architect and intuitive 100% invested in your ascension. 


This isn’t one size fits all.


This program provides you flexibility as you move through your journey, providing customized support and divine guidance throughout your private reset sessions. 


The way I see you and support your growth is unlike anything you’ve experienced before!


You’re going to transform massively!

Shift your internal story instantly to stay calm and make better business decisions, seeing a clearer reality rather than from the frame of your story

Dissolve the internal friction and resistance keeping you from moving forward towards your desired direction, finding an unprecedented level fun and enjoyment in your work and day-to-day life

Improve your automatic responses, whatever comes your way

See yourself no longer falling into the negative, self-limiting patterns

Invite a new level of consciousness, awareness, and possibility into your life previously inaccessible to you

Move forward with ease and certainty toward a clear direction stronger “why” reinforcing behind your every move

Live in newfound freedom without underlying pain, suffering, uncertainty, and discouragement in your life.


Professionally, for the last decade, I have been in the world of professional coaching in a lot of different sectors and I share that because Selina’s experience was the most profound piece of coaching, I’ve experienced so far in my life. With that, the themes I was able to explore around thought patterns and habits that I had been subconsciously living by, what I can now do in my life at work and at home, I’m handling stress in a pretty unprecedented way. I’m living in a way now that I was for years trying to figure out. Now I no longer even think about it. The words I can describe this new feeling with are space. Where I used to be very stressed, cluttered, very full, and seeking to prove something. I have found a new sense of space in my life.


 – Andrew F., Organizational Development Coach

…here 2 weeks after our first session, I have my first basic group, I have 8 paying students, something I’ve been trying for 6 months, so that was amazing.  The experience was really great because I felt Selina really knows what she’s doing and I felt 100% safe while I was talking to her… My biggest take away was what happened afterward, which is, things don’t affect me in the world the way they used to before.  I don’t get annoyed; I don’t get irritated… In general, I feel un-triggerable. 


- Martin M; Serial Entrepreneur, Owner of multiple online businesses


Embody Your Bold and Limitless Self

Develop a whole new relationship with yourself, seeing how you show up differently in your relationships, in your money mindset, in your performance, in your health and self-care, and take confident, bold steps forward

Feel empowered in your life so that it flows with ease and grace without the underlying subconscious triggers

Understand your subconscious, how it works, and how to make it work for you

Develop deeper self-listening skills to understand and hear your own subconscious patterns and make stronger, bolder decisions without the burden of your self-limiting patterns


All while being guided, supported, and nourished every step along the way.


You will be brought to who you truly are free from limitations. You can achieve all this in a short span of time by working with the subconscious.


In this program we will:

  1. Identify and clear the areas where you hold limiting subconscious patterns stuck in mind and body blocking you from your goals.

  2. Refresh with new, supportive patterns allowing an instant paradigm shift and amplified ability to step forward.

  3. Develop a deeper understand your subconscious, how it works, and how to make it work for you.

  4. Grow deep self-listening practices to identify and move past your own self-limiting subconscious blind spots.


Imagine a transformational breakthrough, blowing away your current ceilings each time we meet!

Each transformation is as unique as the individual. 


This is a fully personalized guide through your own subconscious to release YOUR self-limiting patterns. 


Imagine you…

Are guided straight to all your subconscious blindspots causing self-sabotaging and preventing movement, dissolving them instantaneously.

Take each step forward in your business with confidence and ease entirely unburdened by the past.

Take unclouded, better decisions.

Access a sense of freedom and calm in your thoughts and actions you never realized was possible.

Own your choices and decisions fully confident you cannot go wrong.

Find yourself connected to new levels of internal reassurance and develop higher intuition.

Deepen your own understanding of yourself, and take confident, bold steps forward.

Access a sense of freedom and calm in your thoughts and actions you never realized was possible – arising a natural spark in creativity.

Gain instant clarity into the layered intricacy of how these pieces have woven together throughout your life, seeing everything with a new level of clarity not previously accessible.

Obtain instant downloads for new business ideas and life directions previously unavailable, hidden behind your subconscious blinders.

Naturally attract higher and higher levels of visibility in your business supported by a new internal foundation.

Remove the triggers causing friction within yourself and others in your life.

Allow in a new, fresh perspective, to approach all life’s activities with vigor and joy.

Are guided through your subconscious by an expert who draws upon a rich, multidisciplinary background and understands your unique needs and desires.

Feel energized and excited about life, realizing possibilities and opportunities you were never able to see before.

Dissolve underlying resistance that has been underpinning your every move to find yourself naturally and easefully doing things differently.



And you do it all without:


Reliving old trauma

A significant time commitment

Yes, I want to move forward with my life! I’m ready!

The Foundation For Your Transformation You Will Receive:

A focused intention setting session to clearly identify your desired outcomes and subconscious blinders which:

 Begins the process of identifying the blind spots that will reveal themselves throughout the program

Allows laser-focus attention to the areas to be addressed in the reset sessions so that you get the outcome(s) you’re searching for


Five deep-dive subconscious reset sessions over a three-month container:

❊ Be gently guided to go deep and untangle a series of root causes that have been preventing you from your desired business outcomes and dissolve them instantaneously

❊ Release emotional ties held in the mind and body so that you can see clearly your next steps forward AND take them with ease

❊ Obtain instant downloads for new business ideas and life directions previously unavailable, hidden behind your subconscious blinders

❊ Dissolve internal resistance and release any energetic pulls magnetizing negative cycles and goal-blocks

❊ Deep clearing, building on the previous work, diving well below the surface level, resetting an entire area of life over the space of the container

❊ Address as many as 3-6 blind spots in a single session

❊ Leave the session significantly lighter and way clearer about the “why” of the unfoldment of your life and access a clear new direction

❊ Strengthen internal stability that comes without constant friction with yourself and others

❊ Introduce supportive and expansive new patterns based on freedom and possibility, naturally attracting what you desire


Two self-listening development sessions:

❊ Develop the tools to listen to yourself more effectively, creating more space with your thoughts

❊ Learn to identify your own subconscious patterns and how to work with them, increase your ability to choose your ideal path

❊ Deepen your intuitive abilities and self-listening

❊ Understand how to interact with thoughts, allowing more peace and calm

❊ Refine your own subconscious self-listening practice over the course of the container while being supported by an expert coach


Access to a library of tools to understand your deep inner workings:

❊ Understand your subconscious, what it is, why we have it, and how it works

❊ Better identify your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and learn what to do with them to best achieve your most desirable outcome

❊ Develop practices and understanding to work more effectively with your subconscious, rather than having it work against you

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Accelerated Empowerment is your ticket to freedom, dissolving your self-limiting subconscious blind spots.


Permanently free yourself from your limited views of the world. Shed your tired, old frameworks of scarcity, fear, and lack.


See clearly for the first time. Not just for today or tomorrow, but for the rest of your life.

This is for you if...

You’re a heart-centered, self-aware entrepreneur with an established business and are ready for that next level.


You have a direction and are ready to take actionable steps towards it.


You’re ready to uplevel in every area of your life and business, transforming into the person you’ve always known you are.


You take responsibility for your life and actions.


You’re can already see some of your limiting patterns and are having difficulty to fully release them.


You believe in a higher intelligence.


You’re ready for massive internal upgrades.


You want to live in a calmer mind, freer from looping thoughts.


You’ve tried the business coach, the mindset coach, or maybe even some energy work.


You’re ready to shift your mindset and behaviors to make your day to day easier and more enjoyable.


You want to be encouraged, supported, and celebrated throughout your transformative process.


You’re ready to accept rapid transformation and empowerment in your life.

This is not for you if...

You’re still figuring out what you want to move forward in your life.


You’re not ready to let go of old patterns that are no longer serving and cling to the past.


You’re brand new to personal and spiritual development.


You’re not invested in your own transformation and need someone to hold your hand instead of taking you to the next level.


You prefer surface healing solutions, like self-help books, and EFT tapping and aren’t ready to go deep and really see what is held within yourself.


You’re not ready to take responsibility for your life and you’re blaming others for your circumstances.


You think rapid movement forward towards your goals is years away.


Taking that next step forward takes a big, intentional decision. 

It’s time to send a message to your subconscious and take control of the direction of your life, rather than letting your old patterns of scarcity, lack and fear perpetuate. 


A big change requires big action! 

Without taking the step, you’ll find yourself remaining in your self-limiting patterns for years – keeping yourself from revenue, opportunities, and growth.


Because this transformation is fully personalized acknowledging your unique complexities. I only have a limited number of spaces.


Are you ready to find your own accelerated freedom?!