• Selina

How do you access the subconscious mind?

Through a meditative state, which is measured by a Theta brainwave. You’re actually in this state automatically twice a day: the time as you’re waking up in the morning and right as you’re falling asleep. A place of inward-focused relaxation, but not fully asleep.

But how do you get there when you’re not falling asleep?


A long-standing meditation practice can get you there regularly. Especially a meditation practice that is precipitated by breath-work which incorporates breath holding, including certain types of pranayama.

Now, this does take practice and dedication to consistently arrive to a deep enough meditation where you can tap into the belief patterns held in the subconscious.

But, You don’t have to have years of practice or be a mystic or yogi to do this, you can work with a practitioner with experience facilitating you to this meditative state.

From this place, you can actually make changes to your automatic subconscious responses instantaneously - resetting your limiting subconscious patterns to something more beneficial, something that reflects the actual reality of the world without your individual lens of conditioning.

Imagine, you can live without getting in your own way! Without constantly self-sabotaging yourself by running your limited, biased programming. You can reset the code!

If you were to reset a piece of your code right now, what new perspective would you like to bring in?

As for me, I’d love to live without always being late, without the need to be right, and without worrying I’m not getting enough rest and play.

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