• Selina

The Power of Ceremony

“Soy poderosa y lo se.”

The words appeared in my mind as I lay on the grass atop a mountain in the Andes drenched in sweat, having just emerged from a sweat lodge.

“I am powerful and I know it.”

The words arising in Spanish from a place within following the burning in an inipi ceremony. A purification rite, heat rising to bring the seeker to humility and truth.

Flash forward to one week ago, being administered rapé, a whoosh of clarity spreading throughout my left side, my feminine side. A rebirth, as my most beautiful friends surround me singing the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono mantra of forgiveness.

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”
“Lo siento. Perdón. Gracias. Te amo.”

The lilting of the Hawaiian mantra in the background bringing me back instantly in that moment, transporting from a shala in Keramas, Bali to the top of a hill in the Andes where I was first introduced to the mantra.

Remembering who I am. Reconnecting with myself, no matter where I am in the world. No matter the system of guidance. They are all the same at the root.

Remember, remember who we truly are beyond the ego that makes us believe we are separate. Remember our power in this truth.

From this place anything is possible.