How do you know you’re at the limit of your business strategy?

(and what to do about it)

Have you hit a block in your business?


The problem might not be the strategy, it might be your subconscious blindspot.

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Do you find yourself:

Hitting the same income ceiling month after month struggling to scale?

Yearning to forge a new direction, yet stuck, completely unable to make the shift you know you’re capable of?

Feeling like instead of running your business, your business is running you?

Completely at a loss of inspiration and creative fire for your business?

Allowing your business to run on autopilot instead of being the creative genius baby you love to nurture and grow?

Here’s the thing, you might be at the limit of your business strategy... 


And when you break through your subconscious limits, that’s when things get really good. You will:


⇾ Feel utterly lit up as your show up on your laptop each morning 

⇾ Embody joy, flowing from within as you check in with your clients and your team, inspiring them

⇾ Allow excitement to spring throughout your whole body as your latest brilliant idea lands perfectly causing a whole lot of market buzz

⇾ Breeze easily through your to-do list, actioning easily, effectively, and efficiently creating a new abundance of free time 

⇾ See your bank account grow while at the same time relaxing into a more fluid pace in your business

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could determine if you’ve hit a subconscious limit in your business keeping you from moving in the direction and ways you want?

I’d love to show you how you can...


Develop practices to identify and overcome your self-limiting patterns keeping you from higher earning potential and fully aligned expression in your business?


If your answer is yes, then this free training is for you!


I’m pulling back the curtain on some ways to determine whether the source of your business limit is based in strategy or your subconscious...




Empower you to know exactly how you can listen and identify your own self-limiting subconscious patterns to bring more flow, creativity, and joy in your business while doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling earnings.


I know because I’ve helped my clients do exactly that!


Save your seat for this FREE live training!

Is this you?

Are you a self-aware, highly-evolved entrepreneur that is so ready to take your business to the next level and wants to identify whether what’s holding you back is really your own self-limitations that can easily be solved by doing the inner subconscious work?


Would you like to know some of the secrets to identify the source of your thinking and use this information to make the optimal, most supported decisions in your business, so that you


✓ Rise above your subconscious blindspots to create an influx of higher-income 

✓ Easily express more creativity

✓ Decisively make clear and direct decisions, and 

✓ Effortlessly move through your days exuding ample energy without burnout?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could know within 5 minutes whether the problem is strategic or your own self-limits so that you never spend another dollar hiring another strategist, coach, or funnels guru, when really where you need to be looking is inwards?

In this free masterclass we will:

✓ Identify whether the problem that is causing your business plateau is based in strategy or your own self-limitations (and you can actually do something about it with a few easy shifts)


✓ Get the tools to identify and overcome even the sneakiest of self-limiting patterns as soon as they pop up.


✓ Live in touch with your own intuition to make decisions that take your business in higher alignment with your desires, creativity, and fun


✓ Rise above your plateau really quickly with a small time investment and minimal work


✓ Learn from a fellow entrepreneur who has 

  • managed large-scale businesses (over hundreds of millions of dollars), 

  • regularly works with multiple six-figure entrepreneurs, and 

  • uniquely understands how to apply these subconscious and intuitive principles to your business All to get the most optimal results for you - quickly

If you answered yes to those questions, this training is for you!

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If you’re a successful entrepreneur, like me, I understand how important your time is. I want to make sure you know you’ll get deep benefits!

You’ll be a good fit if:


⇾ You’re already in business with consistent income


⇾ You’re the kind of person who has already done a good bit of personal development work (deep self-inquiry, a coach, mentor, personal and spiritual development programs, therapy, maybe even some energy work)


⇾ Embrace seeing the pieces in yourself that have been limiting you and see them as an opportunity to grow and make huge, sweeping changes 


⇾ You have a good business strategy in place and you’re ready to rise to the next level with fun, ease, and welcome in even higher levels of income.


You’ll get:

✓ A clear understanding if that wall you’re hitting in your business is based in strategy or the subconscious.


✓ Clear strategies on how to listen to yourself so that you make bold, powerful decisions that are in alignment with your higher business vision… without letting pesky self-sabotaging creep in.


✓ The secret behind one of the biggest mistakes I regularly hear coaches and spiritual circles make that actually leads to more self-limitation.

...and actually further reinforces negative patterns.


✓ Learn some of the common entrepreneurial self-limiting patterns so that you can self-identify and prevent falling privy to them.


✓ Lifetime access to the training


Andrew has been a professional coach for 10 years and working with me was the most powerful piece of coaching he’s ever received.

Professionally, for the last decade, I have been in the world of professional coaching in a lot of different sectors and I share that because Selina’s experience was the most profound piece of coaching I’ve experienced so far in my life… I’m handling stress in a pretty unprecedented way. I’m living in a way now that I was for years trying to figure out. Now I no longer even think about it.


 – Andrew F., Organizational Development Coach

Martin got a fully-boked out client base just two weeks after our first session

I didn’t really know what expectations I had going in, but I knew that things weren’t working as optimally as they could.  It was mostly about getting the blocks out of the way in starting my new project and here 2 weeks after our session, I have my first basic group, I have 8 paying students, something I’ve been trying for 6 months, so that was amazing. 


- Martin M; Serial Entrepreneur, Owner of multiple online businesses

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Andrea gained the confidence to shift her career and is now in one of the best studios in the world.

She built my self-confidence, she helped me to find my own internal dialogue to be able to direct myself to a great future. I’m in the best studio practically in the world and I’ve done that through building my self-confidence, through understanding the self-beliefs that I had, perhaps not from my own making but from generations past and from the way my parents taught me, never questioning them. 

–  Andrea T, Potter and Brand Coach

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