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Elaina took her business from her first $100k month to her first $100k week while incorporating more fun and free time into daily life.


Watch how 7-figure Business Coach Elaina Ray Giolando released limiting subconscious programs to step into uncharted waters in her business to teach areas she always wanted, add several new income streams to her business and move from her first six-figure months to $100k weeks within just three months working together.


By releasing the subconscious holdings, she did all of this while incorporating more play, fun, and joy into her work, reducing hours and tapping even more deeply into body connection and love with her partner.


She was able to let go of the pieces that limited her to step into a higher version of herself as a fully embodied business woman.

-Elaina G.; 7-figure Business Mentor


Juliette Grew to Consistent $20-40k Months with Feminine Ease and Flow in Her Business

During the time that I reached out to Selina, I was going through a huge shift in my business, and so I was going through this transitional phase, and that's when I found Selina. I was immediately drawn to her, and we started our sessions together, which were so powerful and beautiful.


I remember crying at some of the shifts that were happening to me live on the call with her. It took about a few weeks after we ended our container that I saw huge shifts, huge shifts. I really felt like an energy had been lifted. And I really felt like I couldn't pin down my message.


I was confused. I had conflicting energy inside of me. And after working with Selina, I really felt like the energy had lifted. I started showing up with more vibrancy and love in my heart for the woman that I work with was able to shine through more. And when I was working with her, I wasn't calling in any clients. I haven't even shifted that much. But so many women are coming to me to work with me, and it's just fantastic.


–  Juliet L., Business & Pleasure Coach


Arja's $7,500 Cash Day within 24 Hours of Her Session, Followed by Her Biggest Launch To Date

Arja took her already successful business to the next level.

"Everybody should go for it!"


"This inner work is the only work that is left for me to do now. There is no need for more business or marketing trainings. This is the work that is making all the difference."


"It took away my need to invest in more business strategies and trainings. This is the real work."


She speaks about:

- Her $7,500 cash day within 24 hours of our second session, without any prior leads and her most successful launch yet

- How she thought she had done all the mindset work with coaches, bus realized there was a deeper barrier she was unable to see or clear herself

- How she had all the tools from business coaches but still came up against blocks in being able to scale.


- Through these sessions, she opened her creative energy to map her entire methodology immediately following her first session.

- Arja H.; - Tantric Sexuality Coach


Laura's $48k Month and Back-to-Back Highest Income Months Ever


Laura, a leading Nervous System Stabilization Coach and subconscious expert herself, speaks about how reaching out for support to shift her subconscious created so much spaciousness in her body and business to focus on developing the areas she desired to develop.

She more than 8Xed previous income goals within 2 months working together.

"How these results came in, space was being held even when we weren't actively working on it. "

"I learned to step more into my feminine energy, how to receive, and how anchor and trust in myself as a leader in this bigger way."

"I integrated all these fragmented pieces of me that would in the past have activated something in me - I would have a different thought or energy around it.  I saw myself behaving differently"

- Laura L.; Nervous System Stabilization Coach


Luna Sold her Brand New Offer within One Week

Luna's deep desire to "step up her own game" led to results within 2 weeks stepping into the container.

It's all about having the willingness to change.  And what I love about working with Selina is it doesn't have to take 6 years of therapy.  It's like 3 days, 3 days people and you'll start seeing the shift.  Sometimes even after the session.  I would message Selina - 'Hey you know that thing we just worked on, someone just messaged and they want to book in with me.'"


"My intention was to evolve with my own practice, align more with my offer, attract more clients - that was the initial starting point and within two weeks that actually started happening"

"My practice started getting reactivated and I started getting really amazing clients that I didn't think were possible."

"Week 3 I started feeling more confident within myself - with the way I express, who I am, what I do."

"I gained the clarity and inner strength to go forward with a trip I really desired.  So much is happening within 4-5 weeks and I'm like, 'buckle up!'"

"I think the biggest win is I have become even more confident being myself - you can do anything, your relationships improve.  I have landed and relaxed into my being.  I feel good about myself.  I'm like, 'what do I want to create from here?'"

- Alexandra Luna, Tarot Goddess, Intuitive Channeler, and Empowerment Coach


Andrea gained the confidence to shift her career and is now in one of the best studios in the world.


I just want to give a big thumbs up to Selina…She took me through some serious change management in my life. 


She built my self-confidence, she helped me to find my own internal dialogue to be able to direct myself to a great future. I’m sitting here now in Bali, learning to pot, which was always a dream, so that I can become a professional potter. I’m in the best studio practically in the world and I’ve done that through building my self-confidence, through understanding the self-beliefs that I had, perhaps not from my own making but from generations past and from the way my parents taught me, never questioning them. 


From my understanding that actually my financial beliefs, can be improved just by looking at them.  I’m in my 50’s and I’ve never actually looked at those in detail before…And all of that confidence and understanding came from my sessions with Selina. 


Selina has a great depth of knowledge in this field.  She absolutely gives you 100% when she says she will make space for you in her life. She’s very good at healing and she’s got a background if you get to know her that is extraordinary. I’m full of admiration. 


I absolutely 100% say that if you decide to invest in yourself that Selina will make sure that you spend that time and the money that you would inevitably give to yourself through your own training or whatever you decide to go into. It’s 100% worth it…  You will benefit in many, many ways and you will meet a great friend.

– Andrea T, Potter and Branding and Marketing Coach

Martin got a fully-booked out client base just two weeks after his first session.


My name is Martin and I had a session with Selina that was absolutely mindblowing! 


I didn’t really know what expectations I had going in, but I knew that things weren’t working as optimally as they could.  It was mostly about getting the blocks out of the way in starting my new project and here 2 weeks after our session, I have my first basic group, I have 8 paying students, something I’ve been trying for 6 months, so that was amazing. 


The experience was really great because I felt Selina really knows what she’s doing and I felt 100% safe while I was talking to her…My biggest takeaway was what happened afterward, which is, things don’t affect me in the world the way they used to before. I don’t get annoyed; I don’t get irritated… In general, I feel un-triggerable. That is the way it has changed my perspective of the world and my experience in the world since then…I really feel it moved some parts around within me to make them straight. There were definitely some things in me that were blocked which are now unblocked. And I want to remove more blocks, that’s what I’m going to do.

If you are considering working with Selina, I would say that you have a whole lot to gain, even things that you might not know that you had to gain from it. That’s what happened to me. 

- Martin M; Author, Creator of 30 day Author, and Marketing Expert


Andrew has been a professional coach for 10 years and working with me was the most powerful piece of coaching he’s ever received.


I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Selina.  Professionally, for the last decade, I have been in the world of professional coaching in a lot of different sectors and I share that because Selina’s experience was the most profound piece of coaching I’ve experienced so far in my life. 


When I think about my sessions with Selina, they provided me space to really go deeper and explore thoughts, patterns, habits in a safe, non-judgmental, and really thorough way. 


Selina specifically added as a support coach and thought partner, all the while integrating the spiritual, physical, and more technical. With that, the themes I was able to explore around thought patterns and habits that I had been subconsciously living by, what I can now do in my life at work and at home, I’m handling stress in a pretty unprecedented way. I’m living in a way now that I was for years trying to figure out. Now I no longer even think about it.


The word I can describe this new feeling with is space.  Where I used to be very stressed, cluttered, very full, and seeking to prove something. I have found a new sense of space in my life.


– Andrew F., Organizational Development Coach

Suki was able to fully resolve a chronic cough, gain focus, and diminish her Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) symptoms to focus more on her business and partner with ease.


“Selina is a very trusted member of my healing toolkit and I’m grateful to have her on board.  I know her specialty is money but I’ve come to her with some physical problems and she’s been able to resolve those and heal them as well.  I look forward to taking more of my issues to her in the future knowing that she’ll be able to handle whatever I bring to her.  


She makes what she does look very easy, she’s very insightful and I feel very safe with her.  It’s also fun, it’s an interesting exploration and I love the way she works.  Thank you for all you do.  Here’s to more!"

- Suki Z.; ThetaHealer & Nutritionist


Lacey reduced her anxiety, lost 12 pounds, got a clear path forward, and had 2 clients appear without even advertising.

I just finished working with Selina in the Accelerated Empowerment program.


Some results I have experienced working with Selina; my anxiety has gone down quite a bit, I feel calmer and my emotions feel more stable. I bought my relationship to an end and I have learned how to stand up for myself and create boundaries in my life and relationships.


With the anxiety going down and taking my power back, I have lost 12lbs, this is not a weight loss program - but I think naturally bringing my cortisol levels down and realizing I need to take care of myself and that my needs are important, I have lost 12lbs since working together so that has defiantly been helpful.


Where my professional life is concerned I have already got 1 client and another on the horizon. And I haven’t even started advertising yet!


Some other non-tangible results would be a feeling of un-stuckness and realizing I can’t hold onto certain circumstances, and that I can let go and move forward on a path that serves me. With Selina’s really supportive help I have been able to do that. I have learned to release responsibility and recognize when something is not my issue and let that go. 


I also have more clarity with what I want to do with my new business and getting it out there into the world.


Working with Selina is intense but safe and secure. You are doing intense digging work, working on these limiting beliefs, getting there really quickly. But it’s not scary even though it's intense. Selina is very re-assuring that you are safe while doing this work. So you don’t have to worry! You are supported, even from a distance, and when you’re not in the same room. 


If you’re looking to address something in your life, and you’re not afraid to open up and want to dig in, I would highly recommend working with Selina. 


- Lacey H; Private Language Tutor

Kristen was able to get to the bottom of a problem she was holding for years and never able to understand.

I’ve been working with alternative modes of healing for quite a while and I really appreciate healing with Selina so much. What it has done for me is give me a different view and understanding of a problem I’ve been dealing with for years and never been able to fully understand why it was there and where it was coming from.


Selina is able to hold space so well, I am so grateful for her, and I trust her so much, I would absolutely with love recommend Selina to anyone.​

- Kristen K.S; Copywriter

Dean has worked with the subconscious for over ten years and what we were able to uncover was a much deeper layer affecting his life and relationships.


I’ve done a lot of work on myself over the years, I’m actually a practitioner myself working with childhood trauma, subconscious reprogramming, I’m a couples coach and I specialize in addictions. But the stuff that came up I’d thought I’d already worked on, and different elements and layers came up in how that was affecting my life and also some stuff that I had no idea was there that was definitely affecting my life and relationships. 


It was a really interesting and thorough session. Selina holds impeccable space, she’s so present, gentle, and thorough. I loved the session.


I highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about working with her, to anyone struggling with any past patterning, especially, and are repeating the same patterns and cycles in their life. She’s definitely an amazing therapist.


– Dean P; Subconscious Repatterning Practitioner and Coach

Nikki hated public speaking and talking in front of groups and was able to lead large circles after just one session.


Selina magically came into my life…The first session I wanted to work on was stepping into my truth and my purpose and to feel confident enough to lead circles and just to share with the world what I have to share without feeling scared, like I’m doubting myself, not letting imposter syndrome take over. 


After my first session with her, I saw the real benefit of that. I was holding my first women’s circle and that led on to other opportunities… talking in front of 20+ women, which honestly, I thought I never could do. I hated public speaking. I hated talking in front of groups and now I can effortlessly. I fully stand in my truth and what I have to offer the world and that was after just one session. 


Some other things we worked on – to become calmer and not to be so snappy in moments of irritation – and I’ve really noticed the difference. In moments where I start to become a little annoyed, I can just switch off and come back to love.


Other things are; even more so really listening to my intuition - I’ve always been connected with that, but at another level.  Really listening to my body, feeling into these things before I do things – I definitely got that from working with Selina…I’m so blessed to have been able to work with you and am so looking forward to working with you more in the future. 


Selina explains everything so easily, she really has the science behind what is happening. Even though I understand it on an energetic level, hearing the science behind it is mind-blowing! 


I would say if you’re thinking about working with Selina, 100% do it. It’s amazing, she’s an amazing mentor, such an amazing healer.  She really taps in… She made me feel so safe and talked through every step along the way.  You feel safe in her presence…

 – Nikki J. – VA, Graphic and Web Designer

Jasmine was able to uncover and release a problem that had been plaguing her for years.


I just wanted to attest to my experience because it was amazing. I went in not knowing really what was going to happen in the session, with a vague idea of different things that were happening In my life and I just knew that I wanted to get to the root of some issues. 


My session with Selina really helped me get to the root of what was actually bothering me and uncover a lot of layers of things that have been plaguing me for years.


I put my complete faith and trust in Selina during the session. She was super calm and grounding. Her presence made me feel completely safe. 


I would 100% continue with Selina and go even deeper. If you have any questions, negative patterns in your life, or things you want to break down a little more, or emotional patterning you want to work on, I would highly, highly recommend working with Selina. She’s an incredible healer and has amazing gifts to share with the world. 


- Jasmine M., Civil Service Manager and TCM Practitioner

Cesar was able to clearly unravel aspects of his past, present, and future.


During our sessions, she took me on a journey. We went to my past, my present, and even my future. She was with me all the time and she was able to show me new tools for changing the way I used to think and be more supportive of myself. 


Take a chance to get the opportunity to know Selina, she’s a beautiful human being. I hope you can enjoy this journey as I did.


– Cesar A M-T, Architect and Professor

Katie K 2.png

Selina has such a calming, centering, grounding approach and presence. Working with her feels so safe. Her intuition is spot-on, and when I had some really big stuff come up in sessions with her, she guided me through it with strength, grace, gentleness, and total non-judgment. She brought me out the other side feeling light, safe, and confident in the shifts that took place during the session.

I highly recommend Selina and her work. She is an amazing healer and human being! 

- Katie K., Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Author

Sometimes we’re so deeply in our storied experience, it truly seems like the only way.  So far I’ve worked with Selina on shame, trust, and love. Witnessing and following my intuition in service of what I want in a career and romantic partnership. I had such a profound (retrospectively) experience during one of our sessions where we worked deeply with integrating love into my subconscious. I now think of life pre and post this experience.  I didn’t go in thinking this is what I needed because I was so deep in my mind’s story.  After integrating love, I see it, I show it, and FEEL it every day, which is new for me!  In nature, in strangers, in friends, and loved ones. This experience has deeply added to my life.  I look forward to continuing to work with Selina!


– Katie U., Life Coach, and Trainer

Katie U.png

I'm deeply grateful to have worked with Selina. She is intuitive, skillful and authentic. She helped me let go of sorrow and regret related to my mom who passed in 2018. Selina also supported me in clearing limiting beliefs related to a fear of expansion, as my partner (of 20 years) and I are in the process of selling our house and buying acres of land to create a regenerative farm with strategic partnerships. We plan to be land stewards in partnership with nature, healing the soil to provide nourishment for pollinators, producing food for our family and creating learning opportunities for people who care about the Earth.


She inspired me to feel that this vision is not only possible, but the journey can be enjoyed as I expand in a sustainable and healthy way (rather than my old ways of pushing myself hard and driving towards burn-out). I feel more confident and empowered to embrace the past and uncertainties in the future. She guided me to connect to fragmented parts of myself and helped me integrate all the changes on a subconscious level during our time together. She invited me to embrace my intuitive abilities and sensitivities to subtle energies rather than be overwhelmed by them.


I have been able to show up with more embodied presence, compassion for myself and grace towards others. Anyone who is open to growth and expansion will be very fortunate to work with Selina.

- Kimberly, Intuitive Coach and Regenerative Farmer, USA

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